Thursday, January 11, 2007



A Kenyan family lives in the apartment above me, and the middle child is Walter. Walter is 6 and very self confident and curious. Today he ate some of my toothpaste before i could stop him. sigh.

walter...You must think a lot.
me.... um, what
walter... You live alone. You must just think a lot.

walter to Julia, who is mexican american.... You look Japanese.
julia...Actually, I am mexican.
walter...Well, you look Japanese.
julia....Is it because of my eyes
julia...Is it because of my hair
walter....No. It is your face. You just look Japanese.

I am currently "setting boundaries" (ie, don't eat my toothpaste) with Walter. He certainly is an interesting person to know!



i have a library card! after several months of waiting, i am in possession of a library card to the Kenyan National Reference and Lending Library. It is sort of a sad place, with lots of books donated by the authors during the 1950s, but books is books, and there are still plenty of books to read in the place. Today I checked out a novel by Wole Soyinka, bc i somehow have not yet read anything by him, and The Stepford Wives because i was curious what it was like and also tired of trying to search through the novel stacks which are really close to desks full of Kenyans studying. The Stepford Wives isnt bad. Short and creepy.
Library! I wonder if I like libraries so much because I have commitment issues.
Every time I have been in the library, it has been chock full of Kenyans, who are reading and studying and filling out forms. Way more utilized than even the law school library right before finals, because the seats and desks are really packed in there. I like being in a highly utilized library.

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